Casey graduated Kean University with a BA in English Writing and a minor in Theatre and Women’s Studies. Her writing focuses around fantasy, science fiction, and horror and has been featured in several online and in print magazines (listed below). She spends her free time getting lost in books and creating DIY crafts.

Feel free to follow her: @murphcas

Currently published:

Short Stories

Beverly” The Rind Literary Magazine, 2018

The Voyeur” HiddenChapter, 2017

The Knave of Hearts’ Innocence” Zoetic Press, NonBinary Review #10: Alice in Wonderland, 2016

The UrchinSmashed Cat Magazine, 2014

Envy” HelloHorror, 2013

Mother” The Were-Traveler, 2013

Payback” Siren’s Call: Women in Horror edition, 2013

Finding Love in the City” Yorick Magazine, 2012

A Traditional Ghost Story” Spark, 2012

The Bereft” Z-Composition, 2012 (located at bottom of the page)

The Warrior.” Freedom Fiction Journal, 2012

The Dream Where Jason Segel is my BoyfriendCoffinMouth, 2011

FencesReferential Magazine, 2011 (reprinted in the 2013 “Best Of” edition)

“The Family Affair” Prism, 2011

The Forbidden DoorYesteryear Fiction, 2010

Creative NonFiction

Quidditch: Not Just for WizardsThe Monthly Seer, March 2011


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